Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Learn more about Zodiac Sign Compatibility! ~ How to find out if there is a basis for long-term love and devotion by means of zodiac sign compatibility.

How well do you get along? While each relationship is complex and beautiful in its own way, Astrology can make sense of even your closest, most intimate associations.

Zodiac Sign Compatibility readings -- which are match-ups based on Sun Signs -- inform you of the potential challenges, tensions or joys you might experience with another.

Just like all individuals, all relationships are unique. In this article I will outline all 78 zodiac sign compatibility possibilities. Starting with the first zodiac sign - Aries.

For example - if you are a fiery Aries and your lover is a peaceful Libra, all you have to do is click on the Aries link for a zodiac sign compatibility description. You will then find all possible zodiac signs combinations with Aries. It's that easy...

Please consider that relationships are very complicated. The same goes for astrological charts. So what I am about to outline here is a general summary of your zodiac sign compatibility.

To construct a more detailed zodiac sign compatibility report, a little more information is needed. Like your:

  • date of birth
  • time of birth
  • place of birth